Originally, the line next to Fern, Rye and Crata was going to say “to feel the full weight of love and pride as a mother”, but I felt uncomfortable by that. I understand that some people are totally okay with being a parent as their whole and complete purpose in life, but it’s not something I want to encourage in my writing I guess. Being a parent can be fulfilling, yeah, but there are so many other options out there, and so many MORE people are encouraging parenthood as that ‘life completing decision’. I didn’t want to add any more material to that pile.

How do y’all feel about that? Discuss below (because I want to see some frickin’ comments, man!)

ALSO: Starting this week I’ll be in classes again! Post dates will remain every Tuesday. This year I’m taking several classes on comic writing and making, so hopefully as time goes by there will be loads of improvement in this story (: