Somewhere Over the Ruins is a comic about Arbor, Cress, Rye and Crata, who live in a small village just south of The Ruins.

It’s a story set in an alternate universe to our own where civilization has been demolished by the omnipotent Earthly Mother, and human life has had to start over. Over the centuries, technology has been shunned and people have resisted returning to the life styles of the Old People. They follow the teachings of their ancestors, the Ovdigids, and live as close to the earth as possible.

The story follows young Arbor, who has struggled to find their role in the village as one of the three work groups; Hunter, Tender, or Maker. Therefore Arbor has yet to learn any skills, but they are under the care of Elder Lemna, so the village tends to look the other way. One day, Arbor makes a mistake that puts the village in jeopardy and Arbor must work to earn their place and prove their worth. The story also follows Cress, Rye and Crata as they are sent on a journey to retrieve resources to aid the ailing village.

Somewhere Over the Ruins updates on Tuesdays. 

This comic is intended as a personal project with the purpose of exploring comic mediums, and the artist guarantees no consistency with art style, story writing or structure. 

Written and drawn by Kerstin A. La Cross

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